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Pokemon Pikachu Fun Fact: Pikachu is an electric-type Mouse Pokemon that was introduced in Generation 1, which is known as the Kanto region. When Pichu have maximum happiness with their trainer, it evolves into Pikachu. When Pikachu is exposed to a Thunder Stone, it will evolve into Raichu. If Pikachu evolves in the Alola region, it will evolve into Alolan Raichu, which is a dual Electric / Psychic type pokemon.

Catch your very own Pokemon with this Pikachu Light-Up Figurine. Sitting 3 inches tall, Pikachu can be seen staring ahead with an excited look on its face, ready for its next adventure. With a yellow strap attached to their head, suitable for hanging around your wrist, keys, or bags. This figurine is battery-powered and will light up with ambient lighting once turned on. Making it the perfect product for any lover of the video game series.

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Pikachu Light-Up Pokemon Figurine With Wrist Strap

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